The present-day embassy

Visa bildspel

Foto: Rikard Österlund

Our mission is to represent Sweden and the Swedish government in the UK and to promote Swedish interests. There are strong links between Sweden and the UK. Politically, we co-operate in many political areas. Trade is extensive and more than 1000 Swedish companies are represented in Britain. In culture, education and science, we are united by a web of joint projects and close friendships.

The Embassy seeks to protect and promote these links together with other Swedish organisations in the UK, such as Business Sweden, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Visit Sweden, the Swedish Church and the Swedish School. The Embassy also supports the close to 100 000 Swedish citizens who currently live in the UK; and handles a large amount of applications for passports, registration of children and new-borns, visas as well as other consular and official matters.

Around 30 people work at the Swedish Embassy, either as diplomatic or locally employed staff. Throughout the UK, the Swedish Embassy in London is supported by several Swedish Consulates acting on behalf of the Embassy.