We are the National Property Board (SFV) 

We have many culturally and historically valuable properties and environments that form a cultural heritage in Sweden that belongs to all of us together. These properties are part of our common history and future. Statens fastighetsverk, the National Property Board (SFV) builds pride in the Swedish state’s properties, our nationally important buildings, parks and other public open spaces; castles and royal palaces and county residences, theatres, museums, embassies and one-seventh of Sweden’s geographic territory.

We collectively own all of this together and our responsibility is to manage it in the best possible way. We must also ensure the preservation of the building’s soul and character, while at the same time adapting them to the needs and usage of today – for the benefit and satisfaction of both our tenants and the general public. And not only is it important to convey the history behind presently existing buildings; it is equally important to create a new building history for tomorrow.

The National Property Board also manages the Swedish state’s forests and public lands. We do this focusing on doing so in a long-term sustainable way, ensuring that biological diversity is preserved and reindeer grazing land can also be used in the future.

The National Property Board was established in 1993 however our operational activities have a long history behind them. Our deepest roots can be traced back to the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, which was established in 1618.

The SFV is a public agency led by a governing board which, together with our Director General, answers to the Swedish Government concerning its operational activity. We are 400 employees who are passionate about working with our properties. The breadth and depth of our operational activities means that we have many different professions with us: property managers, building technicians, forest rangers, cultural historians, project managers, procurement officers, lawyers and many other professionals from a variety of professions who are needed for support and development.

We are involved in so many different areas of interest: cultural-historical monuments and historical buildings, modern architecture, deep forests, high mountains, ancient monuments and open landscapes. Many of these places are some of the country’s most famous places to visit. They are kept open and living thanks to our committed tenants.

Some brief facts about the National Property Board Sweden

  • SFV manages approximately 2,300 properties with a total of some 4,000 buildings in Sweden.
  • SFV manages 6.5 million hectares of land, which is one-seventh of Sweden’s 450,295 square kilometres.
  • SFV manages approximately 1,700 state-owned islets and skerries (kronoholme) along the Swedish coast and in our larger lakes.
  • SFV manages Sweden’s embassies, ambassador’s residences and institutions in more than 60 countries.
  • SFV participates in the management (to varying degrees) of eight of the 15 Swedish World Heritage Sites on the UNESCO list.
  • The responsibility for the country’s more than 260 state-owned historic buildings (SBM) is divided between SFV, the Swedish Fortifications Agency and the Swedish Maritime Administration.
  • SFV was founded in 1993 however our operational activities trace their roots back to the 17th century. 

Contact Us

To contact the National Property Board, you can:

  • send an e-mail to sfv@sfv.se
  • ring our switchboard on telephone number 010 478 70 00
  • visit our head office at Sankt Paulsgatan 6 in Stockholm
  • send a letter via the post to:

Statens fastighetsverk/ National Property Board
Box 2263
103 16 Stockholm