Locations for film, photo or events

The National Property Board offers a wide selection unique locations for hire. We care for castles, lighthouses, towers, forts, woodland and palaces all over the country, all characterized by history and culture and offers a very special atmosphere.

Browse amongst our properties by geographical region and building type here: sfv.se/sokfastighet or find your inspiration on our instagram account @statensfastighetsverk. 

Apply for filming, photography or events at one of our properties

To apply, simply fill in an application with your request. If you are interested in several different locations, note this in your application. If you don’t know which specific location you are looking for but do have a selection of elements to describe it, please state these and we will do our best to guide you forward. More details about the project may be requested.

E-mail your application to locations@sfv.se

Remember to submit your application well in advance, at least three weeks prior event is recommended in order for us to process your request. If your request takes place during the summer months, we need your application by May 31st.

The National Property Board may refuse applications where there is a risk that the project or product does not live up to the state's values, or that there is a risk of permanent damage to properties, cultural or natural environments.

To apply is free of charge. All Temporary leases will be regulated with an agreement to state the terms of the hire.


The price will be presented after the application has been submitted and evaluated, as it varies from location to location and depends on the extent of the production. All location fees goes back to the property to support their conservation work.

General price indications:

  • Land area: from SEK 5,000 / day
  • Photo: from SEK 5,000 / day
  • Film: from SEK 10,000 / day
  • Event: from SEK 15,000 / day

Gathering in a public area

Have you applied for a permit with the local police for an event in a public location where the National Property Board is the landowner? Then you also need to contact us to establish a temporary lease, fill in an application as above.

Welcome to contact us at locations@sfv.se.