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  • The Ambassador's residence in Berlin, Germany

    The Ambassador's residence is located in the district of Dahlem in Berlin. The original villa was built in 1939–40 to a design by the German architect Wilhelm von Gumbertz-Rohnthal. The owner received the plot in recompense for a house that had to be demolished to make way for Adolf Hitler's grand boulevard scheme. The property was purchased by the Swedish State in 1964.

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  • The Ambassador's Residence in Nairobi , Kenya

    Kenya became independent in 1963, but the Swedish State had already set up a Consulate General in 1962, and acquired an attractive and impressive residence for the head of the Swedish legation. The previous owner was Baron Uno Åkerhielm, Sweden's Honorary Consul General.

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  • The Ambassador’s residence Belgrade, Serbia

    The Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade is housed in a white-rendered villa that was built in 1935 in a classical style. Up on a hill, this quiet residential area lies a few kilometres from the city centre.

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  • The Ambassador’s residence Brussels, Belgium

    Purchased by the Swedish State in 1928, the property comprises four floors plus a basement. It is also linked with a two-storey courtyard building. The residence makes the perfect venue for entertaining. The façade of the ground floor is dressed in sandstone, while the other floors have a yellow render, with stone window surrounds. The courtyard façades are in white-painted brick. The roof is tiled in slate.

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  • The Chinese Pavilion at Drottningholm

    59.31715 17.87889

    During the 18th century, the interest in Chinese and Japanese art was in fashion in Sweden and Europe. This was due to intense trade associations through the East India Company. King Adolf Fredrik had a Chinese inspired wooden castle built, which he gave to his wife Lovisa Ulrika as a birthday gift in 1753.

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  • The Drottningskär Citadel

    56.11038 15.56470

    Not one single shot has been fired in this peaceful citadel during its 300-year long history. Take part of a well preserved defence facility, restaurant and entertainment venue.

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  • The Embassy of Sweden in Berlin, Germany

    52.50836 13.35056

    The Embassy of Sweden and the Finnish Embassy have both been rebuilt on the same site that they occupied in the early 20th century. The Embassy buildings were bombed in the Second World War, and so badly damaged that they were condemned after the war. Ruins of Sweden's building remained in place until 1954, when they were demolished. All that remained was a bunker that was once used for storage.

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  • The Hague, the Netherlands, the Swedish Ambassador’s residence

    Sweden has had a diplomatic mission in the Netherlands since 1614. In 1929, the Swedish State purchased a property on Lange Voorhout in The Hague.

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  • The Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art

    55.7078 13.1984

    At the Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art in Lund you can gain insight into the creation of many well-known public works of art through sketches and models. Here you can find sculptures, tapestry, paintings and buildings by many great 20th century artists, Swedish as well as foreign.

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  • The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities

    At the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, visitors encounter the arts and crafts of China, India and Southeast Asia. It is located on Skeppsholmen, a small island in the middle of Stockholm, which previously belonged to the Navy. Since 1993, Skeppsholmen and neighbouring Kastellholmen, as well as their buildings, have been managed by the National Property Board Sweden, which is tasked with preserving and developing the area for the future. The museum is located in a narrow yellow building also known as Tyghuset (the Arsenal).

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  • The oak forest on Visingsö

    58.041965 14.341965

    Sweden’s largest solid oak forest was planted in 1831 for the navy’s future ship construction. These days boats are made from armoured steal and carbon fibre, which means that the beautiful forest remains on the island. Take a walk, go on a bike ride or go by horse and carriage under the tall trees that are a part of our cultural heritage.

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  • The Old Auction House in the quarters of Västertorn

    59.32555 18.06166

    The building is currently known as the Old Auction House (Gamla Auktionsverket), in the quarters of Västertorn, has since the mid 18th century housed a number of private residences, mortgage brokers, auctioneers and offices.

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  • The Royal Palace

    59.32662 18.07170

    The Royal Palace is located in the middle of Stockholm Old Town and attracts many visitors. The palace was built in Baroque style by architect Nicodemus Tessin the Younger..

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  • The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design

    59.325933 18.084151

    Since 1998, the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, now commonly referred to as ArkDes, has been housed in the old Navy drill hall on Skeppsholmen island in Stockholm. This island served as a naval base for approximately 300 years, and the drill hall was designed by naval architect Fredrik Blom in the early 1850s. The drill hall was used as a training facility for Navy men, who practiced gymnastics, weapons handling, landing and canon care.

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  • The Swedish Embassy and Ambassador’s residence in Paris, France

    48.853464 2.317780

    The Embassy of Sweden in Paris is located on the Left Bank, in the 7th arrondissement, which is also home to the Eiffel Tower, the Rodin Museum and the Hôtel des Invalides.

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  • The Swedish Embassy and the Ambassador’s residence, Oslo, Norway

    59.916667 10.45.0

    The site in Oslo on which the Embassy of Sweden now stands was purchased in 1952. In a curious coincidence, the wife of the owner was the daughter of Adolf Holter, who sold the Swedish Ambassador's residence to the Swedish State in 1906. The Embassy building was constructed in 1957 around a concrete structural frame. The façades are clad in red brick and the roof is tiled in Norwegian slate.

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  • The Swedish Embassy compound in Addis Ababa

    The Embassy site in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa was a gift from Emperor Haile Selassie to King Gustav V. When Sweden took ownership in 1946, the plot housed a villa that had been built during the Italian occupation of 1939–41. Initially the villa served as the Ambassador's residence, with the Embassy occupying the basement level.

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  • The Swedish Embassy compound in Algiers, Algeria

    The Embassy compound is located in Hydra, a district of the capital that is located five kilometres south of central Algiers. The Embassy plot and the neighbouring plot, which houses the Ambassador's residence, were acquired by the Swedish State in 1958, although design work on the Embassy's chancery only began in 1983. In 2012, the National Property Board Sweden (SFV) conducted a major refurbishment of the chancery to make space for a new tenant, the Polish Embassy.

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  • The Swedish Embassy Compound in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    In May 1997, the National Property Board Sweden officially handed over the new premises for Sweden and Finland's foreign missions in Tanzania to the two countries' respective Foreign Ministries. The Embassy building is located in a green district of central Dar es Salaam, along with several other Embassies.

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  • The Swedish History Museum

    59.33458 18.09088

    The Swedish History Museum in Stockholm is located in the Krubban historical quarter, which was purchased by the Crown (the Swedish state) in 1804, with the intention of constructing buildings for the Stockholm garrison. The regimental buildings were designed by the architect Fredrik Blom, and were built in stages during the years 1805-1818. In 1929, it was proposed that the old barracks on Storgatan would be suitable premises for a new history museum, but it would first be necessary to renovate and expand the building.

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  • The Swedish Institute in Paris (SI)

    The Swedish Institute in Paris (SI) occupies the private mansion Hôtel de Marle in the popular cultural district of Marais. Counsellor for Cultural Affairs Gunnar W Lundberg was behind the 1965 initiative to purchase the dilapidated building. The purchase and renovation were funded through special lotteries organised by the State for the benefit of the arts, theatre and other cultural endeavours.

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  • The Vasa Museum

    59.32838 18.09158

    The Vasa Museum is a unique building designed for a unique subject. The central hall serves as a large display case. To preserve the ship, its temperature and humidity are carefully regulated. The building is well integrated with the site and meshes well with the piers, boats and museum ships in the harbour outside, which also belong to the museum. The Vasa Museum is visited by over a million people each year.

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  • Venice, Italy, the Nordic Pavilion

    The Nordic Pavilion on the Biennale site in Venice is owned jointly by the states of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

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  • Vilnius, Lithuania. Embassy and Ambassador’s residence

    The new Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius opened its doors in May 1999. In 2000, the property was named the best managed building by the City of Vilnius.

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  • Voksenåsen Conference Hotel, Oslo, Norway

    59.975137 10.664763

    Norway presented Sweden with Voksenåsen on 2 October 1960. Voksenåsen is the nation's gift to Sweden for the help the Norwegians received from the Swedes during the Second World War.

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  • Warsaw, Poland. Embassy and Ambassador’s residence

    52.213560 21.025271

    When the Embassy of Sweden in Warsaw was completed in 1938, the enormous cost of the build – SEK 600,000 – attracted a great deal of attention.

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  • Washington D.C, USA, House of Sweden

    38.901469 -77.058856

    House of Sweden accommodates the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC, two floors with exclusive office suites – one of whose offices is occupied by the Embassy of Iceland – and an approximately 700 sq m Event Center run by the National Property Board Sweden.

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  • Washington D.C, USA, residence to the Ambassador of Sweden

    The Spanish-influenced diplomat's residence on Nebraska Avenue was designed by American architect Arthur B. Heaton. For many years, the building was the home of David Lawrence, one of the city's newspaper magnates.

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