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  • Ale's Stones

    55.382889 14.05442

    Sweden’s largest and best preserved stone ship is majestically located above the village of Kåserberga on the southern coast of Österlen. Ale’s Stones is one of Skåne’s most popular tourist attractions - a scenic and exciting place that attracts people all year around.

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  • Alexandria, Egypt. Swedish Institute

    In 1925, Swede Carl Wilhelm von Gerber built a private mansion on the promenade in Alexandria. The 25-room mansion represents late 19th-century architecture in Neoclassical style. Carl Wilhelm von Gerber was a successful businessman in Egypt, and in the same year that he had the mansion built he was appointed Swedish Consul General.

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  • Ankara, Turkey. Embassy compound

    In 1923, Ankara was declared the capital of the new Turkish Republic. Ten years later, in 1933, Sweden purchased the site currently occupied by both the chancery and the residence. It is located in the district of Kavaklidere, among many other embassies. The 10,500 m2 plot houses both the Ambassador's residence and the Embassy of Sweden's chancery.

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  • Athens, Greece, Embassy and residence

    37.983810 23.727539

    The Embassy premises are located up on the fifth floor in a building constructed in 1977. The Dutch and Irish Embassies are also housed in the same building. On the other side of the street stands the old Olympic Stadium from 1896, the year that the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held.

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  • Beijing, China. Embassy compound

    39.94177 116.45927

    The Embassy of Sweden and the Ambassador's residence in Beijing occupy a plot that Sweden has rented from the Chinese State on a 60-year lease, from 1965 to 2025. Sweden is one of the few countries, like Norway, Denmark and others, to own its properties. The other countries lease their diplomatic facilities from the Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions (BSBDM).

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  • Boden Fortress

    65.79247 21.65616

    The top-secret defence facility, “Gibraltar in the north”, has served during both world wars as well as the cold war. The fortress of Boden consists of around 1200 different installations and has a circumference of approximately 25 kilometres. In the end of the 1990’s, the role of the Swedish Armed Forces ended and today you can take an exciting guided tour in one of the large artillery forts.

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  • Bogotá D.C, Colombia. Embassy and Ambassador’s residence

    The Embassy of Sweden's chancery in Bogotá has views in four directions, with glazed offices and a central meeting room. The Embassy is located in the northern part of the city.

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  • Borgholm Castle

    56.870603 16.643686

    Borgholm Castle on Öland perches high up on a plateau overlooking Kalmarsund and the Borgholm harbour. What is now a majestic ruin was once a baroque palace.

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  • Brasilia, Brasilia, the Embassy compound of Sweden

    The National Board of Public Buildings, the precursor to the National Property Board Sweden, received the Embassy plot as a donation from the city of Brasilia in 1966. The Embassy of Sweden in Brasilia was built in 1973–74 and opened in January 1975. The same district houses around 60 other Embassies and the four Nordic countries sit together in a row.

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  • Bucharest, Romania, the Embassy of Sweden

    44.46453 26.07884

    The Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest sits on a leafy boulevard of large villas from the period around the First World War.

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  • Cairo, Egypt. Embassy compound

    30.4335 31.13197

    The Embassy of Sweden in Cairo is located on a quiet, leafy street on the island of Gezira in the Nile. There are literally two sides to Nils Ahrbom's Embassy compound – a closed façade facing the street and an open east façade overlooking the Nile and the green garden

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  • Canberra, Australia, Embassy compound of Sweden

    The Embassy of Sweden in Canberra has a Swedish feel but is carefully tailored to conditions in Australia. The design proved a great success from the start, with the Embassy building winning the "Sir Sulman Award for Public and Monumental Buildings" in 1952.

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  • Copenhagen, Denmark. Embassy and Ambassador’s residence

    55° 40′ 54.11″ N 12° 35′ 30.8″ E

    The Embassy buildings purchased in the 1920s in Copenhagen had to be made fit for purpose, and this important task was entrusted to renowned Swedish architect Torben Grut.

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  • Drottningholm Palace Garden

    59.32170 17.88682

    The pleasure garden stretches towards the palace. Avenues of double lime trees run along its sides. In the past the garden was separated by walls and fences. Gates with gilded decor lead into the dreamlike world where symmetry and order reigned.

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  • Drottningholm Palace Theatre, Stockholm

    59.3231 17.8850

    Drottningholm Palace Theatre is one of the world’s few preserved 18th century stages. The first it opened its curtain was in July 1766. Today it holds an operation that is very much alive and that attracts opera enthusiasts from all over the world.

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  • Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm

    59.321652 17.887373

    Welcome to the World Heritage of Drottningholm. The history surrounding Drottningholm involves a succession of queens. The first one was Katarina Jagellonica, who in around 1580 was given the first castle by her husband Johan III. The property was then called Torvesund. In honour of the Queen, the King changed the name to Drottningholm. Drottning is Swedish for queen.

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  • Gaborone, Botswana

    The Ambassador's residence in Gaborone is beautifully situated on a plot just over a kilometre from the city centre. The city's skyscrapers are visible from the property but the heavy traffic is a comfortable distance away.

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  • Gamla Uppsala

    59.902024 17.630447

    During the Iron Age there was a rich and well-developed community around the Uppsala mounds. There was a royal estate here and the Suiones gathered here to worship their gods. The place maintained its significance as a religious centre long after Sweden had been christianised.

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  • Glimmingehus

    55.5026 14.2235

    In Scanian wetlands, five kilometres from the sea and Skillinge, Danish Privy Council Jens Holgersen Ulfstand ordered the construction of a five-story stone house in 1499. As he was enormously wealthy and powerful, he developed a kind of court life here. Tall “houses” like this had actually already gone out of style at that time. He most likely wanted to consolidate his power by using designs from the Middle Ages.

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  • Gripsholm Castle

    59.2560 17.2194

    King Gustav Vasa had Gripsholm Castle built on the site of an old mediaeval fort. It now houses an outstanding collection of furniture and handicrafts spanning four centuries. Duke Charles’ famous chamber dating back to the 16th century, Gustav III’s Theatre from the 18th century and the magnificent portrait gallery are just some of the highlights. Gripsholm Castle is beautifully situated by Lake Mälaren in the town of Mariefred, about 70 kilometres from Stockholm.

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  • Guatemala, Guatemala, the Swedish Ambassador's residence

    The Swedish Ambassador's residence in Guatemala is an attractive, functional and impressive villa in the suburb of La Canada, where many other countries have their residences.

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  • Gävle Castle

    60.672275 17.144079

    Gävle Castle stands majestically on the south side of Gävle River. The castle dates back to the early 16th century but after an extensive fire its interior is today characterised by the fastidious French classicism of the 18th century, signed architect Carl Hårleman.

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  • Halmstad Castle

    56.67153 12.85770

    In the beginning of the 17th century when Halmstad Castle was built, Halland still belonged to Denmark. King Kristian, who reigned over the Kingdom of Denmark, was a big developer and he ordered the construction of several cities, castles and fortifications. It was also King Kristian who gave orders to erect Halmstad Castle.

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  • Harare, Zimbabwe. Ambassador’s residence

    Zimbabwe became independent in 1980. That same year a Swedish Embassy was established in Harare, which at the time was called Salisbury. During this period, demand for suitable diplomatic housing was high. Nevertheless, the Embassy and the National Property Board Sweden's predecessor, the Swedish National Board of Public Buildings, managed to find good accommodation for the Embassy staff and a suitable residence for the Swedish Ambassador.

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  • Havana, Cuba. Embassy of Sweden

    The Embassy of Sweden in Havana occupies a pink villa. The two-storey building houses the chancery offices, a garage and a guest apartment.

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  • Islamabad, Pakistan, Embassy compound of Sweden

    Sweden has owned a plot of land in Islamabad, Pakistan, since 1962. For many years it has been leased to the British High Commission, which has used it as a car park.

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  • Istanbul, Turkey, Consulate General

    Sweden's Consulate General in Istanbul has been housed in Sweden's oldest property abroad since 1969. The site is located on a popular shopping street in the old district of Beyoglu. The street is partially pedestrianised, but has an old tramline. The same property also houses the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, which occupies the Dragoman House.

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  • Istanbul, Turkey, Swedish Research Institute

    For many years, the Dragoman House was used as the residence of the Swedish Consul General, but since 1969 the chancery and residence of the Consulate General have been housed in the main building on the same plot. The Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (SRII) has occupied the Dragoman House since 1974.

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  • Jerusalem. Consul General’s residence

    The property that forms the residence of the Swedish Consul General in Jerusalem is located in an area called the German Colony. The buildings in this district date from the turn of the 19th/20th century.

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  • Kalmar Castle

    56.659087 16.352624

    Once upon a time, Kalmar Castle was known as “the Key to the Kingdom”, because of its strategic location by Kalmarsund and the current Danish border. In the 12th century a simple fortified tower was erected here, which was replaced with a castle in the 13th century. Later Swedish kings have been rebuilding and adding to the castle throughout the centuries. After extensive restorations it is now once again a magnificent renaissance palace, which can be experienced in many different ways.

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  • Kanton in the Royal Domain of Drottningholm

    59.31764 17.87844

    Kanton, established by King Adolf Fredrik and Queen Lovisa Ulrika in the 18th century, is a flowery avenue with around ten seemingly idyllic wooden houses. However in reality, a manufacturing industry was conducted inside the walls of these houses.

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  • Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ambassador’s residence

    The Swedish Ambassador's residence in Kinshasa is a white rendered villa just one block from the river.

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  • Källa Old Church

    57.11114 16.98558

    Källa Old Church from the 13th century has been expanded and renovated during several centuries. When a new church was built in 1880 the old church was left to deteriorate. It was not until 1928 that interest in the old church was sparked again and it was renovated to once again receive visitors.

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  • Lima, Peru Save the Children

    Save the Children's office in Lima is managed by the National Property Board Sweden.

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  • Lisbon, Portugal. Ambassador’s residence

    The property was probably built in the mid-19th century. The Resteiro family had the building remodelled and sold it to the Swedish State in 1979. The plot sits high up in the district of "a Lapa" in Lisbon. Views from the uppermost of the three floors take in the mouth of the Tagus river and the Atlantic.

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