Cultivated cultural treasures

Sweden is rich in glorious countryside just about everywhere you go. Our landscapes are fantastically varied, and the right of common access gives us every chance to really being able to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer.

We also have cultivated pearls in our treasure chest, all of them free for everyone to enjoy. About one seventh of Sweden's surface area consists of forest, reindeer grazing land, rivers and crown islands, administered by The National Property Board. All these we protect, manage and maintain so that we will be able to enjoy them for many years to come. Often, we are also responsible for the grounds and outlying areas of the buildings and properties administered by SFV. These include the parks and gardens of palaces and official residences, the grounds of grand houses and botanical gardens. The lands and gardens of the royal estates and farms are also administered by SFV. Like the buildings, many of the parks and gardens have a long, exciting history. Different epochs, new owners and different stylistic ideals have succeeded each other over the years, sometimes for centuries, so that what we see today is often just the latest of a whole series of growth rings. So even if a garden should be enjoyed for the present, if you look hard enough there's plenty more to discover.