• Sveriges ambassadörsresidens i Belgrad. Photographer: SFV

    Sveriges ambassadörsresidens i Belgrad.

The Ambassador’s residence Belgrade, Serbia

The Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade is housed in a white-rendered villa that was built in 1935 in a classical style. Up on a hill, this quiet residential area lies a few kilometres from the city centre.

Classical rendered villa

The Embassy of Sweden had long been renting the villa that the Swedish State eventually purchased in February 1969. However, the land on which the Ambassador's residence stands was not allowed to be sold. Instead the Embassy has exclusive right of use. The white-rendered villa was built in 1935 in a classical style. Additions made over the years have created functional reception rooms for the Swedish Ambassador, along with a larger drawing room and dining room.

Sold to Sweden in 1969

The villa was built for Jeremija Zivanovic, a senator in the parliament of what was then a monarchy. The address of the building at the time was Rumunska no. 53. After the Second World War, much of Senator Zivanovic's property in Serbia was confiscated for the nation by Tito's Communist regime. The Zivanovic family fled to a new life in Switzerland. The building at Rumunska no. 53 was spared nationalisation and remained in the family after the war. In 1969 Senator Zivanovic's son Mirko Zivanovic agreed to sell the house to the Swedish State, and the purchase was signed off by Sweden's Ambassador Agda Rössel.

The address of Ul Uzicka 45 was previously Rumunska no. 53.



Ul Uzicka 45