• Sveriges ambassad i Reykjavik. Photographer: SFV

    Sveriges ambassad i Reykjavik.

  • Sveriges ambassadörsresidens i Reykjavik.

    Sveriges ambassadörsresidens i Reykjavik.

Reykjavik, Iceland, Embassy of Sweden and Ambassador’s residence

The Embassy of Sweden in Reykjavik is housed in an office complex, while the Ambassador's residence occupies a villa in the city.

Embassy and Ambassador's residence in different parts of Reykjavik

The Swedish Embassy's chancery in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik occupies one floor of a five-storey office block designed by architect Gunnar Hansson. The Swedish State acquired the space in 1981, but the Swedish Foreign Ministry is terminating the lease and we are seeking a new solution.

The building is located around two and a half kilometres east of the city centre, in the commercial heart of Reykjavik, surrounded by a number of office buildings, shops and commercial centres.

Residence built in 1924

Situated in central Reykjavik, the Swedish Ambassador's residence was designed by architect Gudjon Samúelsson and built in 1924. The Swedish State acquired the property in 1935–36, and it was extended in 1937 to a design by Gunnlaugur Halldórsson. The garage, designed by Gunnlaugur Pálsson, was added in 1948.

The building rises over three floors, plus a basement, and is built in stone. The residence has rendered façades and a roof clad in corrugated sheet metal. The garden is laid to lawn, with trees and flower beds, and the whole plot is enclosed within a garden wall. The garage has space for one car.



kansli: Lagmuli 7, residens Fjolugata 9