• Sveriges ambassad i Teheran Photographer: SFV

    Sveriges ambassad i Teheran

Tehran, Iran, The Embassy of Sweden

The National Property Board Sweden (SFV) has owned the property housing the Embassy of Sweden in Tehran since 1997. SFV swapped it for an undeveloped plot that the Swedish State had owned since 1963. The Swedish Foreign Ministry (UD) had actually had its Embassy operating in the building since 1994 and felt it was ideally suited for the purpose.

Significant work to improve standards

The Embassy building, which originally contained five apartments, has two floors plus a basement with garage, boiler room and storeroom. The basement once housed a gym, sauna and pool. The building is constructed around concrete columns with beam and block floors. The façades are clad in pale yellow bricks. Surrounded by a wall, the garden is beautifully laid out with paths and steps in stone, fountains and plants. The installations were of a very poor standard when the building was taken over in 1997.

Earthquake reinforcement

The building was constructed according to the building regulations of 1979, which provided insufficient proofing against earthquakes. In consultation with UD, SFV conducted meticulous technical surveys of the building's structure and load-bearing capacity. The survey showed that the building failed to meet the minimum requirements for Iranian earthquake safety. In the event of a major earthquake, the building would collapse. SFV worked with local earthquake experts and Swedish structural engineers to begin earthquake reinforcement measures.

Extensive refit

In conjunction with the reinforcement work, UD wanted SFV to carry out an extensive refit to create a proper Embassy chancery that could deal with the numerous visa applications and issuing of biometric passports. At the same time, the building's finishes and installations were given a major upgrade. The entire project was so all-encompassing that the Embassy had to move out. Building work began in February 2007. The Embassy moved into the newly renovated and quake-proofed premises on 1 August, and in November 2007 the Embassy of Sweden in Tehran reopened for business. With demand for visas increasing, SFV is now preparing for further redevelopment work.



2, Nastaran Street, Pasdaran Avenue