• Sveriges ambassad i Dar es Salaam. Photographer: SFV

    Sveriges ambassad i Dar es Salaam.

The Swedish Embassy Compound in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

In May 1997, the National Property Board Sweden officially handed over the new premises for Sweden and Finland's foreign missions in Tanzania to the two countries' respective Foreign Ministries. The Embassy building is located in a green district of central Dar es Salaam, along with several other Embassies.

Promise of shade

In May 1990 the precursor to the National Property Board, the National Board of Public Buildings, invited a number of architectural firms to submit proposals for an Embassy building covering 2000 square metres. The winning entry was "Promise of Shade" by architects SAR Gunnar Mattsson. The building we see today is a development of the original competition entry and was designed by architects Gunnar Mattsson and Tina Wik. The compound comprises one central main building and a service building.

Protection from the sun

In tropical climates, the orientation of the building in relation to the sun is important in creating a comfortable indoor climate. The Embassy offices run along the length of the building from north to south, and are always shaded by the large overhanging eaves. The gable ends to the east and west are exposed to the lower morning and afternoon sun and have few windows. The dense structure of the building, in concrete and concrete block, also helps to maintain a stable climate.

Nordic interiors

The aim of the architects was to create a welcoming, dignified and interesting environment. With its white plastered walls, the building features light, bright materials and colours both inside and out. Underlying the interiors is the quintessentially Nordic blond look, with furniture and wood details in birch. In addition to their separate domains, the Swedish and Finnish Embassies share an entrance hall, conference room and staff areas.



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