• Sveriges ambassadörsresidens i Pretoria. Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman

    Sveriges ambassadörsresidens i Pretoria.

Pretoria, South Africa. Ambassador’s residence

When architect Anders Landström's Ambassador's residence in Pretoria was completed in 2003, it marked the first step on a new path for the National Property Board Sweden (SFV) – a path that would show the world the power and vitality of Swedish architecture.

First project with new ambition

According to the 1998 architecture bill that kickstarted the new strategy: "Sweden's official premises at home and abroad should be models of what can be achieved in Swedish architecture and design." And so it was in Pretoria.

Swedish Functionalism sets the tone

Having seen the plot for the first time, architect Anders Landström's ambition was to capture a sense of Sweden and summer. "I thought about the Stockholm Exhibition of 1930. For me, it has always represented a vision of light, simple and functional buildings. That's why the residence has white render, with a threshold in tawny yellow stone and a backdrop of the almost eternally blue Pretoria sky."

Swedish design combined with local technology

Landström's plans were particularly praised for their carefully balanced volumes. The plans were put into practice by local architects Boogertman & Krige under the leadership of Ernes Wilken. The success of this approach was made possible through modern technology and close communication.



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