• Photographer: SFV

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ambassador’s residence

The Swedish Ambassador's residence in Kinshasa is a white rendered villa just one block from the river.

White rendered villa in the district of Kalina

The Swedish mission in Kinshasa (which until independence in 1960 was called Leopoldville after the Belgian King Leopold) first rented this villa back in 1959. The Swedish State then purchased the property in 1963. The white rendered two-storey villa sits on a 1,752 m2 plot in the district of Kalina. The smart street, which houses many Embassies, is just one block from the river. The Swedish Ambassador's residence has large covered terraces and semicircular rooms for both accommodation and entertaining. The residence has fulfilled its function in this conflict-prone country for almost 50 years.

The National Property Board Sweden refurbished the entire property in 2000. The kitchen and bathrooms were fully remodelled, while the other rooms received a thorough facelift.



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