• Sveriges ambassadörsresidens i Harare. Photographer: SFV

    Sveriges ambassadörsresidens i Harare.

Harare, Zimbabwe. Ambassador’s residence

Zimbabwe became independent in 1980. That same year a Swedish Embassy was established in Harare, which at the time was called Salisbury. During this period, demand for suitable diplomatic housing was high. Nevertheless, the Embassy and the National Property Board Sweden's predecessor, the Swedish National Board of Public Buildings, managed to find good accommodation for the Embassy staff and a suitable residence for the Swedish Ambassador.

Walled property

The residence is located in an attractive residential area in the suburb of Rietfontein, around 9 km from the city centre. The 9,000 m2 plot features an impressive single-storey property boasting eight rooms plus kitchen for the Ambassador and his or her family. The house was built in 1960. The property also includes small staff accommodation, a guest house and carports, plus a pool and tennis court for recreation. The dining room was extended in 1995 and the kitchen was modernised in 2002. The garden is bordered with walls and hedges.



5, Norman Close