• Svenska institutet i Alexandria, Egypten. Interiör Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman

    Svenska institutet i Alexandria, Egypten. Interiör

Alexandria, Egypt. Swedish Institute

In 1925, Swede Carl Wilhelm von Gerber built a private mansion on the promenade in Alexandria. The 25-room mansion represents late 19th-century architecture in Neoclassical style. Carl Wilhelm von Gerber was a successful businessman in Egypt, and in the same year that he had the mansion built he was appointed Swedish Consul General.

Von Gerber died in 1959 and his mansion was donated by his brother to the Church of Sweden Abroad (SKUT). Over the years, the building has been used by the Swedish Seamen's Church and SKUT, as well as serving as a meeting place for the small Swedish community in Alexandria.

Restoration and modernisation

In 1997 the Government decided to establish a Swedish Institute in Alexandria and the National Property Board Sweden (SFV) began an overhaul of the mansion, which is still owned by the Church of Sweden. The refurbishments carried out by SFV included new wiring and plumbing, and a modernisation of the lift from 1925. The façade decoration and the opulent rooms were returned to their original splendour. The renovations in the late 1990s also answered many questions about the building, not least that it was designed by an Egyptian architect named Onnig Meras.



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