To manage cultural heritage

The National Property Board Sweden manages Sweden's cultural heritage. This involves properties that have played a significant role in the history of Sweden and are therefore owned by the state. The properties have a very great cultural, historical and socio-economic value. They bring to life the history of Sweden and provide a common frame of reference for all citizens that can lead to a sense of participation and security. In order to protect and preserve these properties, specific care programmes and protective regulations are drawn up.

Management policy for state-owned historic buildings

The National Property Board Sweden has a management policy for those properties covered by the regulations for state buildings. Clearly-defined goals for all such buildings, structures, parks or land areas must also be reported in a care programme.

The National Property Board Sweden must manage its cultural properties in an exemplary and inspiring way. Our aim is for the public and tenants to feel involved in our activities and for them to continue to experience the cultural and historical value of the properties in the future.

Goals for maintenance, preservation and development of the properties

  • Preservation and refinement of historical value
  • Engaging the public to optimise the experience and benefit they get from the properties
  • Development of the properties for careful use and interested users who view the historical value as an asset
  • The best financial performance with regard to the nature of the properties