1993- National Property Board Sweden (SFV)

Tradition in development

To meet political demands for a more market-based focus, in 1993 the National Board of Public Buildings was split into several independent state-owned companies, including Vasakronan AB and Statliga Akademiska Hus AB. The tenants themselves were given responsibility for long-term layout decisions. Properties of which the state would be retaining ownership "for all eternity" were transferred to a new public authority – the National Property Board Sweden (SFV). Most of these properties were previously managed by the National Board of Public Buildings. SFV also took over the management of older fortifications from the National Fortifications Administration and land from the Swedish Forest Service. SFV is responsible for the care and maintenance of state-owned cultural buildings (the royal palaces, almost all state-owned listed historical buildings and cultural institutions such as theatres, museums and government buildings), foreign properties (embassies, official residencies) and certain areas of land (royal estates, state-owned islands and land above the limit of cultivation). SFV has ultimate responsibility for maintenance, refurbishment, restoration and new construction work in these areas. Day-to-day operations are managed locally, with property managers in overall control. These are gathered into regional offices and in groups according to type of building. A central pool of experts is available in all specialist areas to support the management of the properties. SFV's new buildings are among the best Swedish contributions to architecture in recent years, not least the new museums in Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm and the new embassies in Berlin and Washington. However, the majority of SFV's work relates to maintenance, renovation and restoration. Small, carefully considered interventions have been carried out at Kalmar, Borgholm and Läckö Castles. Siarö Fort has been renovated to create a tourist attraction. Wrangelska and Bondeska Palaces have been adapted to meet the modern needs of law courts. All the County Governors' residences have been refurbished. Numerous areas of natural beauty and parks have been spruced up –including the avenues of lime trees in Drottningholm Palace Park. Young forest below the Snasahögarna mountains. House of Sweden, Washington, Gert Wingårdh 2006. Ånnsjön Lake, Jämtland.