The National Property Board Sweden is dedicated to ensuring that the activities at the properties we manage are accessible to all visitors and employees with disabilities, as far as is practicable. The National Property Board Sweden strives to enable people with disabilities to work in all parts of its organisation.

The board encourages tenants to implement good physical and communicative solutions. We also aim to be a role model in terms of accessibility for others who own or manage historic buildings and environments.

The National Property Board Sweden considers measures to improve accessibility as a worthy addition to the cultural heritage of our time and an expression of a liberal and democratic outlook. The work will be completed using methods that allow a balanced relationship between availability and utilisation of cultural values.

Measures will incorporate a quality of design, materials and workmanship that is on a par with the building/site being worked on and are expected to remain in place for as long as there is need. Temporary arrangements will only be resorted to in exceptional circumstances as part of a development process and will be limited in duration.