The Museum of World Culture

Global meeting place

The Museum of World Culture opened at the end of 2004 and is Gothenburg's most popular museum, with over 200,000 visits a year. The Museum of World Culture puts together themed exhibitions with a focus on various global issues of our time. Together, they reflect the diversity and variability of the world.

The building and the activities within have both received awards. The Museum of World Culture has won Swedish architecture's most prestigious accolade, the Kasper Sahlin Prize, and in 2009 the museum was named "Museum of the Year". The winning design for the building, "Ice Cube", came from London-based architects Cécile Brisac and Edgar Gonzalez.

The Museum of World Culture also has a broad programme of events that includes most things, from seminars to dance clubs. The museum attracts many young people – over 60% of visitors are under 30, which is unique for a museum. Films, workshops, live music, spoken word and festivals are just some of the activities at the museum, while AIDS, trafficking, hip-hop and fair trade fashion are some of the subjects that have been taken up. Every Saturday there is always something fun happening at the museum for children and families.

Admission to the museum is free and there are also free guided tours every week.

The building is part of our shared cultural heritage. The National Property Board looks after it, but it is the museum that keeps the building alive. Information on exhibitions and activities can be found on the museum's website.


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