Skansen Lejonet

The redoubt was opened by Karl XI

The first foundation stone of Skansen Lejonet in Gothenburg was laid on 22nd June 1687 by Erik Dahlbergh, and Karl XI officiated at the inauguration in 1689.

After redeeming 1 million riksdaler (or crowns) in 1619, Sweden had regained the area at the mouth of the river Göta that it had been forced to mortgage under the treaty of Knäred six years previously. As soon as the area reverted to Sweden, work began to build a fortified town, the present-day Gothenburg. In 1639, new plans took shape for a reinforcement of Gothenburg's fortifications, and discussions began concerning the construction of redoubts on the hills surrounding the town. One of these redoubts that were built was the redoubt on Bulleråsen, the precursor of Skansen Lejonet.

Skansen Lejonet never took part in any conflict, and in time it lost its military significance. After having functioned as housing it was abandoned in 1942.

In the early 1970s the Geatish Society had the idea of renovating Skansen Lejonet, and on 4th September 1974 it was re-inaugurated by King Carl XVI Gustaf. Skansen Lejonet can be hired for parties, weddings and similar events.


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