• Bohus fortress

    Bohus fästning har både utsikt och spännande historier att upptäck. Photographer: Glenn

Bohus Fortress

Bohus Fortress perches on a cliff above the Göta River, with views out over land and water in all directions. The location of the fortress explains its historical function as a strategic defence facility. Today it's hard to miss the fortress, no matter which direction you are coming from.

Bohus Fortress was established in 1308 by the Norwegian king Håkon Magnusson. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, this stronghold was an important part of Denmark-Norway's defences against the Swedes. During its 700-year history the fortress is said to have withstood as many as 13 sieges without falling. When the fortress did become Swedish, however, it did so quietly and peacefully, as part of the settlement under the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658.

Today Bohus Fortress is open to the general public and is a popular tourist destination during the summer season. Every July a medieval festival is held at the fortress - Kungahälla Medieval Festival - which has grown to become Sweden's second biggest medieval festival.


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