Tullgarn Palace

A beautiful summer palace

Likeall palaces, Tullgarn has a chequered history and a long list of owners including both royals and state officials. But the owners who had the most impact on the palace as we see it today were Duke Fredrik Adolf, Gustav III's younger brother, and Gustav V and his consort Queen Victoria. At the end of theeighteenth century, Duke Fredrik Adolf had the palace converted into a classicist structure, and in the late nineteenth century King Gustav V and Queen Victoria furnished it according to the prevailing fashions of that time. Their artistic interests meant that several artists were engaged at the same time to supply the art and furnishings. It is these furnishings that remain today.Tullgarn Palace was used as their summer residence and whenever they wished to get away from the royal palace in central Stockholm.

In the 1990s a biological purification plant was built in the park to deal withthe waste water from the palace estate. If you visit the park, you should makesure to take a look at this. As well as being of ecological interest, it is also designed to be esthetically pleasing.


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The Royal Court
Tullgarns Inn