The Swedish Museum of Natural History

The museum for all the family

The Swedish Museum of Natural History is a museum for anyone interested in science and keen to learn more about nature, our climate and astronomy. The brick façade of the Swedish Museum of Natural History conceals a world of research and valuable knowledge.

When, in 1901, the decision was made to build the country's largest museum building to house the collections of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, it was not without a certain amount of trepidation – would building as far outside the city as Frescati really work? Architect Axel Anderberg's monumental edifice of 20,000 square metres was completed in 1916 and has continued to grow in different directions for almost a century. The building's decor takes its inspiration from animals and nature.

The buildings were extended in stages during the period 1990–2003, with major refits and redevelopment work taking place in 1990–1994. One thing the museum needed was a new theatre and the Cosmonova IMAX theatre, a 12-sided building measuring 35 metres from basement to dome, was completed in 1992. The theatre is elliptical with a steeply raked auditorium seating around 300 people. The screen in the dome is 23 metres in diameter.

The Children's Workshop offers a place to paint, make things and be creative on a range of themes. There is also a restaurant, museum shop and picnic area. The shop carries an exciting range of goods associated with nature.

The building is part of our shared cultural heritage. The National Property Board looks after it, but it is the museum that keeps the building alive. Information on exhibitions and activities, including the schedule for the Cosmonova theatre, can be found on the museum's website.


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