• Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman

The Swedish Museum of Architecture

From sketches to blueprints

Since 1998, the Swedish Museum of Architecture has been housed in the Royal Navy's old drill house on Skeppsholmen. Designed by naval architect Fredrik Blom, the building dates from the early 1850s and provided sailors with a place to practise their sabre and bayonet technique all year round. Mock-ups of ships were even built to practise targeting and shooting cannon. Around 1950 the drill house became home to the newly formed Moderna Museet, which hosted a number of notable exhibitions on modern art, particularly during the 1950s and 1960s.

When Spanish architect Rafael Moneo's new building for Moderna Museet was opened in February 1998, the Museum of Architecture moved into the former drill house instead. Today Moderna Museet and the Museum of Architecture have a joint entrance, as well as sharing other facilities such as the bookshop, foyer, auditorium, restaurant and a café honouring the drill house's architect ­– Café Blom.

The Museum of Architecture's collections include plans, models and photographs, providing a rich source of knowledge on architecture, interior design and civil engineering in Sweden. Around 500 architects are represented at the museum.

The building is part of our shared cultural heritage. The National Property Board looks after it, but it is the museum that keeps the building alive. Information on exhibitions and activities can be found on the museum's website.


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