Sweden's oldest lighthouse

Landsort lighthouse is on the island of Öja in Stockholm's southern archipelago. The oldest part of the lighthouse's history is unclear. What is known is that the foundations for today's lighthouse were laid in the 1680s. Prior to that there may have been simple beacons there. The lighthouse gained its current appearance in 1869-70,and electricity was installed in 1938. The lighthouse has not been manned since 1963.

On Öja most of the population were pilots, lighthouse keepers, customs officers and telegraph operators. Pilotage on Öja has a long history and may be the oldest in Sweden.
On Norrudden lie the remains of the old settlement of Öja. There are the foundations of at least 15 houses, berths for boats, terraces and abandoned fields.

Over the years a number of coastal artillery batteries have been established on Landsort in order to control sea traffic heading for Nynäshamn. The latest dates from the Cold War and was in use until the year 2000. It has been proposed that this should become a museum in future.

Every year a large number of sailors and boat tourists visit the kronoholme Öja in Stockholm's southern archipelago. In the southern part of the island you can go for a walk in a genuine archipelago settlement. Locally the island is often referred to as Landsort instead of Öja. Thirty or so people live on Öja. There is one inn and a youth hostel, and local arts and crafts are offered for sale.


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