• Bogesunds slott - en byggnadshistorisk pärla Photographer: Melker Dahlstrand

Bogesund Castle

A fairytale castle outside Vaxholm

Bogesund Castle, which is located outside Vaxholm, is a gem of a historical building. The castle was built in the 1640s by Per Brahe the Younger, who also laid out gardens around the castle. Even today the remains of these can be seen in the shape of old fruit trees.

In the years 1863-67 the then owner Nils Albrekt von Lantingshausen von Höpken wanted to renovate Bogesund Castle. He decided to rebuild the castle to make it look like a medieval Norman castle.

Currently the castle is undergoing a badly-needed façade renovation. It will open to the public again in 2012. The delightful park is well worth a visit.


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