Famed for banquet

Nyköpingshus has a long and dramatic history, but is perhaps best known for the banquet that was organised here in 1317. The king of Sweden, Birger Magnusson, invited his brothers, the dukes Erik and Valdemar, who had imprisoned Birger eleven years previously. Now it was time for a reconciliation. Or so they thought. Instead he put them in prison, where they died in 1318.

What can be seen of Nyköpingshus today is for the most part relics of medieval times. Although the castle has been extended and renovated every century since then, it is the medieval walls that have best withstood siege and fire.

This ancient castle today houses exhibitions from Sörmland Museum. There is also a café and restaurant. Every summer a theatre group performs the Nyköpingshus play in the large castle courtyard.


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