• Tomarps kungsgård Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman

Tommarp Crown Estate

Castle dating back to the Middle Ages

In the beautiful hilly landscape of the River Rönneå's valley lies Tommarp Crown Estate, a castle that dates back to the Danish Middle Ages. The environment, location and surroundings bear witness to an exciting history from many eras.
Around the year 1300 a square ring-wall castle was built, with a defensive tower at the north-west corner. In the middle of the fifteenth century the walls were lowered and the tower was extended to create a residence. Around 1600 new wings were added and the castle gained a fully enclosed courtyard.
The castle is surrounded by a thickly-wooded and wild nineteenth century park, where you can find acacia, hortensia and rhododendron, among other things. In addition to this fabulous environment, today's visitors can also enjoy art, concerts and good coffee.
Right next to the castle is the Crown Estate's agricultural centre, with animal husbandry and arable cultivation. You cannot visit the cowsheds or stables, but you can enjoy the beautiful rolling landscape that is either pasture land or under cultivation.
Not far from Tommarp is Kvidingehed, a heathland area that was used by the Scanian Hussar Regiment for training exercises. Here you will find the spectacular Kvidinge monument that was raised where Prince Karl August fell from his horse and died in 1810 when he was inspecting the regiment. This event led to the house of Bernadotte coming to the Swedish throne.


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