• Skissernas museum, Lund. Photographer: Peo Olsson

The Museum of Sketches

Skissernas Museum – Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art​

The Museum of Sketches in Lund uses sketches and models to recount the creation of numerous well-known works of public art, including sculptures, tapestries, paintings and buildings by various major artists of the 20th century, both Swedish and foreign.

The museum was founded in 1934 by Ragnar Josephson (1891–1966) during his time as Professor of Art at Lund University. The intention was to create an archive of the creative process from sketch to finished work in the field of public art.

The collections were initially stored by the university, but in the 1940s they were moved into the premises of the former academy for women teachers in Lund. The buildings have since been extended upwards and outwards in various phases, most recently in 2004 to a design by Johan Celsing.

The museum's collections are open to the public via its permanent exhibitions and a number of temporary exhibits. On display is Swedish and international art that ties in with the museum's concept of the artistic process. The museum also holds guided tours, music evenings, talks and film screenings.

The building is part of our shared cultural heritage. The National Property Board looks after it, but it is the museum that keeps the building alive. Information on exhibitions and activities can be found on the museum's website.


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