Malmöhus Castle

Renaissance castle

In 1434, Erik of Pommerania, king of the unified Denmark, Sweden and Norway, built a new citadel on the same site as today's Malmöhus. Its strategic location was very significant. From here it was possible to govern the western side of the town and control the sea traffic in the southern part of the Öresund.

Malmöhus gained its current appearance in a major reconstruction 1537-1542. The design of the castle was based on Dutch style ideals and Italian fortress technology. The result was a palace surrounded by a modern defence facility. The main defence of the castle was concentrated on four round cannon towers, linked by high ramparts.

In the late eighteenth century Malmöhus lost its military importance and began to be used as a prison until 1914.
In the 1930s the castle was converted into a museum, and the new Malmö Museum was ready to open in 1937.

Wedding receptions are often held in the cellars of the older part of the castle. The castle also contains an excellent restaurant.


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