Landskrona Citadel

A varied history
Landskrona Citadel was originally built by the Danish king Kristian III, who wanted to control the traffic of trade vessels through the Öresund. A citadel is a fortress established inside, or as part of, a town.
The citadel was completed in 1559. As a consequence of the Treaty of Roskilde Skåne, and thus the citadel, become Swedish in 1658. In the nineteenth century, the citadel was a prison for prisoners serving a life sentence.
The fortress in Landskrona has had a varied history, and in one colourful episode, the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe plays an important role. He is supposed to have brought a tame elk with him to a dinner he was invited to at the citadel. The poor animal was given far too much mead, fell down some stairs and later died. These days elk are not allowed inside the building. However, the citadel does offer medieval banquets and guided ghost walks.


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