Linköping Castle

Parts dating from twelfth century

Linköping Castle occupies a high position, near to the cathedral. The oldest parts of the castle date from the twelfth century, making this Sweden's oldest secular building.

Linköping Castle has been home to county governors and bishops since the thirteenth century, including Hans Brask, Sweden's last Catholic bishop. You can make his acquaintance in the Castle and Cathedral Museum, which is housed in the castle buildings. Up in the tower room, known as the Vasa Room, you will find him sitting with Gustav Vasa, eating their Christmas dinner together in the year 1523.

In the treasury you can see unique textiles from the fourteenth century. In the great hall there is a large model of the various state apartments of the castle.
Large parts of Linköping burned down in 1700, including the city hall. At this point the castle was abandoned and fell into disrepair, after which it was taken into use as a city lock-up. The eastern parts of the castle's wings were converted into a prison.

Today the castle houses the county governor's reception rooms and private dwelling. Every summer the current county governor hosts a Castle Gardens Festival. You can wander around the park and gardens belonging to the castle.


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