Victoria Fort

Fort dating from the Cold War

The army battery in Bomyrberget forms part of the modern defences that came into being in the second half of the twentieth century to protect Sweden's borders under threat from military armament in Europe. It was a time characterised by the Cold War and the arms race between east and west.

The fort, which was completed in 1963, is the only remaining army battery of those built to defend the crossings over the Lule River and as protection for the power stations on the river. However, it was removed from these wartime arrangements in December 1997. The structure has been a national historic building since 2004.

in summer 2006, after having been mothballed for several years, the fort gained a new tenant: a company that runs a sports and conference facility at Bomyrberget.

In the summer season guided tours around the fort are organised. The fort, which goes 40 metres into the rock, has living quarters for 140 soldiers. The rooms and defence materials are intact, and the armaments consist of two 28.3 cm cannon in a double tower that was previously on the armoured ship Victoria, dating from the second decade of the twentieth century. The entire army battery is therefore known as Victoria Fort.


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