Ottenby Crown Estate

The king's pantry

Ottenby Crown Estate in southern Öland is bounded to the north by a stone wall that goes straight over the entire island, from Kalmarsund to the Baltic Sea. The wall is known as Karl X Gustav's wall, and nearly all the land south of the wall belongs to the Crown. The estate was established here by Gustav Vasa in the middle of the sixteenth century. The function of the estate was to supply the king and his court with provisions. At that time there were five crown estates on Öland, but today only Ottenby remains.

Today Ottenby Crown Estate is one of Sweden's largest dairy farms. It has 460 dairy cows, producing four million litres of milk every year! The farm has a further 700 beef cattle, and when the ewes have lambed in the spring there are around 1000 sheep. The houses, cowsheds and barns at Ottenby Crown Estate are not open to visitors. But in spite of that, there is much to see and explore here!

The Storehouse at the farm has an exhibition "The King's Pantry" telling the story of the royal farm. There are also arts and crafts on display in the carefully restored and rebuilt grain store dating from the nineteenth century.

Marked paths take you on the trail of people who lived here thousands of years ago! Go on a journey of discovery among house foundations and graves, among grazing animals and warbling birds. Cultivation by humans and grazing by animals over thousands of years bring fantastic experiences in the southernmost parts of Southern Öland's agricultural landscape, a World Heritage site.


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