Kalmar Castle

Well preserved renaissance castle

Kalmar Castle is Scandinavia's best-preserved renaissance castle. The history of this legendary castle stretches back 800 years in time. For a long time Kalmar Castle was a significant defence. The castle was called the key of the kingdom due to its strategic position near the then border with Denmark. Kalmar Castle got its current appearance during the sixteenth century, when Gustav Vasa, Erik XIV and Johan III rebuilt the medieval stronghold.

Kalmar Castle is an old-fashioned attraction, in a positive sense. It is almost unchanged since 1592, something that is reflected in many of the activities at the castle. If you want you can attend a banquet there. The food that is served is inspired by the cuisine of the past, and the dishes are served on porcelain copied from finds from archaeological excavations at the castle. The chatelaine talks about table manners of the past – which are not to be adopted for the meal!

Operas and masked balls are other popular events, and of course you should visit the delightful castle shop.


  • WC
  • Elevator
  • Café
  • Restaurant
  • Parking
  • Park
  • Shop

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Kalmar castle