Lighthouse station with three-toed gull

Nidingen is four nautical miles south-west of Onsala Peninsula. Here you can experience the exciting history of shipping, with the sea and nature just at the corner. The lighthouse station, which was built in 1624, is one of the oldest in Sweden, and is the only one remaining with a double lighthouse. Treacherous underwater sandbanks have made Nidingen a hazardous lighthouse station in the past, and around 700 ships have gone aground here.

Today we appreciate the peace and quiet that Nidingen offers. But what was it like to live here all year round without a mobile phone or the Internet? Well, in 1916 at any rate, it wasn't lonely, as there were three families living here on the island, with 23 children between them. In the 1970s the lighthouse was automated and the lighthouse keeper was no longer needed. Today there is a youth hostel for visitors as well as conference facilities on Nidingen. The island is also a favourite spot for ornithologists; it is the only place in Sweden where you can see the three-toed seagull.


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