Tingstäde Fortress

Sunken fort

Tingstäde Fortress in Tingstäde Marsh in northern Gotland, was built in 1898-1917. The fortress was to act as a store and a mobilisation centre, and with a force of 5000 men, prevent enemy troops from moving south towards Visby. Tingstäde Fortress is a girdle fortress with several individual redoubts that altogether enclose a large area. This characteristic gives Tingstäde Fortress a certain similarity to the fortress at Boden, albeit on a smaller scale.

National Property Board Sweden manages Skans I (Redoubt I) in the north, by the marshes. This is the largest redoubt and the only one that still has its armaments, with cannon in armoured cupolas. The redoubt would have had a force of 300 men in wartime.

The absence of any hill meant that the site was excavated and the redoubt was constructed in a pit in the ridge. The building materials consisted of concrete and limestone.
Tingstäde Hembygdsförening, the local history society, provides guided tours round the structure for groups of interested visitors.


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