• Roma Abbey

    Roma kungsgård allé Photographer: SFV

Roma Abbey

Abbey dating back to the Middle Ages

Roma Abbey and crown estate are south-east of Visby. The estate is surrounded by fertile agricultural land. In the twelfth century the Gotlanders' Parliament was here, the most important meeting place on the whole island. In 1163 a Cistercian abbey was founded here.

The ruins of the abbey church are monumental and reveal it to have been built of large well-hewn stones. The building consists of a three-nave structure with a well-preserved portal in the western façade. The portal was the model for church portals all over Gotland, and shows how the Cistercian monks influenced church stone architecture on the island.

The beautiful estate's main building was built in the 1730s and is today a popular tourist attraction. Every summer there are theatrical performances in the abbey ruins.


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