Lighthouse and ornithological station

Utklippan is Sweden's most outlying island group to the south-east. It consists of two low-lying skerries - Norraskär and Södraskär. Between the two small islands there is a sheltered harbour, which is today used by pleasure boats. Södraskär is occupied, and it was here, close to the lighthouse, that the lighthouse keeper families lived from the middle of the nineteenth century until 1972 when the lighthouse finally became unstaffed.

Official requirements and requests for Utklippan to be marked out were already there in the 1690s. However, it took until 1836 for a royal directive to be issued for a lighthouse on the site. At the time, a fortified lighthouse was designed, which was something quite distinctive, with very few equivalents in the world. The lighthouse has since been developed and rebuilt on several occasions. The biggest change occurred in 1870 when chief engineer Gustav von Heidenstam's iron structure was erected over the old lighthouse tower. The next step was electrification, which took place between 1945 and 1948. And the lighthouse functions in this state today.

For a long time the ringing of birds has taken place on Utklippan. In the old lighthouse keeper's house you now find Svenska Kryssarklubbens Blekingekrets and the house is open all summer.


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