Drottningskär Citadel

A fortress from the days when Sweden was a great power

Drottningskär Citadel is well preserved and gives a good idea of seventeenth century fortress construction. The construction of the citadel began with the establishment of the new naval base in Karlskrona in 1680, and the structure was designed by soldier and architect Erik Dahlberg. As it was of the greatest importance to defend the entrance to the naval harbour, fortresses were needed on the two islands of Kungsholmen and Drottningskär, which lie on either side of the entrance.
Drottningskär Citadel is dominated by a mighty defensive keep that was intended for artillery, accommodation and gunpowder storage. It is a three-storey grey stone building. The fortress is surrounded by four bastions named after Swedish queens - Maria, Hedvig, Ulrica and Christina.

The courtyard is encircled by an embankment facing the sea. The embankment contains barrack rooms used as living quarters for both officers and men. In the 1720s a timber house was constructed in the courtyard for the commandant.

In the fortress's 300-year history, not a single shot has needed to be fired against any enemy.

In addition to the exciting atmosphere from the days when Sweden was a great power, the citadel today offers a restaurant and summer entertainment.


  • Beach
  • WC
  • Café
  • Restaurant